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Something for Everyone!  Here are some more Suggestions.

(Click a link for more information.)

--- General Turning ---

Have a Ball!  Turn a [thin wall] Sphere. 

      (Overview) (Handout)  

Platter Chatter - Getting from Ho Hum to Oh Wow!  (Emphasizes form and proportion.)

 (     (Overview) (Handout)

Pizazz on a Platter - Bringing Your Decorative Platter to Life.   (Emphasizes on lathe texturing.)

--- Beyond Round and Brown ---

What a Relief! - Shaping with Rotary Carving. (short version)


Make it Pop! - Adding Color with Acrylics (short version)


Roughing It - Texturing with Rotary Tools.


--- Way Beyond Brown and Round ---

Related topics that may or may not involve the lathe.

Go With the Flow! - Using "Pour Paint" techniques to accent your woodturning.

 Looking for something else?



I've been turning a long time and have made most of the mistakes that can be made.  I enjoy helping others avoid them. 


Let's see what I might do for your group.

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