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Lost Wood Art

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As a woodturner I have gravitated toward creating classic shapes on the lathe that trace their origins back thousands of years, not only because of their visual appeal but also because they feel good to hold.  Some years ago Art Liestman introduced me to a woodturning technique typically referred to as the "lost wood" process.  When applied to the classic forms I mentioned, the result is a form that doesn't just feel good to hold, but extends a visual invitation to put your hands around it.


The Lost Wood process involves gluing two pieces of wood together with a spacer of waste wood in between them.  The blank is then turned on the lathe.  The waste wood is separated from the desired two "halves" which are rejoined to yield a form that is no longer round, but oval (actually lenticular) instead.



An alternative method I often use is to turn a chunk of log on the lathe, hollow it, and then remove the center section.


The form resulting from either method is the foundation for many of my current works, hence the name 


"Lost Wood Art" 


See more in my Gallery.

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