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What some have said...


"Your...demo was interesting, and I learned a few things even though I have been turning for over 10 years.

Randy B. - Somewhere in the U.S.A.

 "Thanks very much, Rick, for a great presentation!"

Hans M. - Georgia Association of Woodturners

"I got quite a bit more from your demo than I expected.., Thanks again for the excellent demonstration!" 

Kim M. - Geortia Association of Woodturners

"I wanted to thank you for the clarity, your demonstration and verbal presentation was very enlightening for a new turner."

Nelson P. - Space Coast Woodturners 

3 Corner Bowl

You may have seen a number of three corner bowl videos on YouTube.  Some them are not bad, but a lot of them leave basic questions unanswered, and many provide no warnings about obvious hazzards.  Others simply keep the viewer wondering how to do what they just saw?  This demo is different!

Sure, I'll show you how I do it, but what I really want to do is to help you learn how you can do it... safely.  I will cover several important tips along the way that will go far toward success the first time you try it and every time thereafter.  


Belted Balls & Hollow Spheres 

This is a hollow sphere with a splash of pizazz and matching stand.  I use my template process to create a thin wall hollow sphere and add a contrasting band near the center with a matching stand.


.50 Caliber Lidded Box   New! 

In this 1 1/2 hour demo I will show you a very simple way to create a small box with an overfit lid. In this instance I will make a toothpick box using a .50 Caliber BMG cartridge as a model. Once you understand the method, it is easily transferred to many other applications.


Carved & Textured Egg   New! 

In this 2 hour demo I will show you some methods for indexing small objects and marking indexed regions on larger ones. Using an egg or similar hollow form, I will carve a stylized spiral design in relief with rotary carving tools and texture the surface with rotary tools, wood burning and branding, or both.


Log to Bowl

In this demo I will demonstrate how I rough turn a bowl, but just as a Christmas tree is just another tree until it is decorated, the rough turned bowl is the least important element of my demo.  What I consider to be of greater value  are the decorations I will incorporate stemming from…
•    What I wish I had known when I began turning.
•    The advice I wish I had taken when I began turning.

•    The mistakes I made when I began turning.
•    The lessons I wish I had learned a lot earlier.



Where's My Wood?  Creating Lenticular Forms with the Lost Wood Process. 

In this 1 1/2 hour demo I will show you how to create flattened forms on the lathe by turning a wood sandwich.  Once turned, the center section is removed, and the two outer parts are recombined.  I will show you the glue up method and the use of my special jig to avoid having to do glue ups.

  (Overview) (Handout) (FAQ) (Slide Show) (Sample)


Piercing for Mere Mortals

This demo shows you how to get started with piercing.  It does not involve super thin walls and extremely delicate piercing as in the style of Bin Pho, but more in the style of mere mortals like you and me.  You will see that you can produce pleasing works a lot easier than you may have thought.



Knotty Spiral 02dce.jpg
Vessery Class Egg 001.jpg

Carving with Fire - Embellishing with Woodburning and Branding 

This demo introduces you to surface embellishment with woodburning and branding.  I'll show you the equipment I use to texture many of my pieces, and you will discover you don't need to break the bank to do a ton of things.  You will see that you can do a great deal with just two tips, and a whole lot more with home made tips.

       (Handout) (FAQ

BLM Plate 100_0258.JPG
Square Triangle Plate 20230721_115523.jpg

Pizazz On A Platter - On Lathe Embellishment 

This demo introduces you to techniques to decorate your plates and platters while still on the lathe.  We'll explore spiral patterns, chatter patterns, grooves, and beads as well as a bit of color.  


Pizazz On A Platter - Off Lathe Embellishment 

This demo offers a sampler of methods to spice up your plates and platters after the turning is finished.  We'll explore indexed designs, rotary carving, woodburing and branding.  


Leaf Platter front 20230725_084024.jpg

What a Relief! - Shaping with Rotary Carving


Make it Pop! - Adding Color with Acrylics


Roughing It - Texturing with Rotary Tools


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