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General Information about Demos

These policies are offered as a proactive effort to answer your questions and provide a framework for a smooth running demonstration for your group. Almost nothing is "poured in concrete," so if you would like to do something a bit different, let's discuss it.


I have invested in the technology to give each attendee the "best seat in the house!" Multiple cameras, with the capability to switch seamlessly among them, and composite screens provide a better view of my demo than I ever experienced at a live, in person, demo! High speed internet access and backup systems minimize the the risk of the most common connectivity issues.  All the action is in real time, and questions can be answered as they happen.


I would like someone in your group who is familiar with Zoom to serve as co-host to assist with these tasks.  Monitor waiting room. Mute attendees as needed.  Assist attendees with Zoom problems.  Monitor the chat and relay questions.   A second person willing to add notes to the chat adds value for all.  Participants may save the chat, and the entire chat conversation can be made available to you after the demo.  You may let me know who the co-host will be when you submit the Demo Registration form.

Meeting and Demo Time

If you wish to conduct some club business before or after the demo I will keep the Zoom meeting open for you to do so.  I routinely plan to open the meeting 1/2 hour before your members join to check audio &video with your co-host.  I also keep the meeting open to insure all questions are answered.  If you have additional club business after the demo, just let me know so I may plan accordingly.  You may choose timing that suits you when you submit the Demo Registration​ form.


Zoom meetings present privacy and copyright issues to consider and protect, so I request you do not record my demonstrations.  Screen shots are OK.  I will record the demo and provide access for you.  You may specify your choice when you submit the Demo Registration​ form.

Follow up Remote Live Q&A session.

Many clubs use the demonstration as a president's challenge for the following month.  If you wish, I will join your next Zoom meeting for a Q&A session with your members.  This option is included in the Premium Package and may be added to others if you wish.  You may let me know if you want to do this when you submit the Demo Registration​ form.


As Forrest Gump said, "Stuff happens!" I try to be prepared for the most probable contingencies, but technology is complicated.  With that said, if the demo is unexpectedly interrupted, and we cannot communicate via the zoom session, please allow some time for me to fix the problem and resume the session or to contact your co-host by phone.   Please make sure I know who that is  when you submit the Demo Registration​ form.


I remember how it was when I formed my first AAW chapter in 2008. Many turners provided demonstrations for us at rates that did little more than cover their expenses to do so.  I haven't forgotten that!  Add that to a desire to give back to the community that has given me so much over the last 2 decades, and the challenges facing clubs, particularly small ones, across the country and around the world, and you have my rationale for my low fees.  My focus is to offer clubs the opportunity to offer more robust programming than they might otherwise be able to afford.   Fees are due upon demo completion via check or PayPal.  I will provide you with a PayPal invoice and include a mailing address for a paper check if that is your preference.   Make your choices  when you submit the Demo Registration​ form.

Fee Schedule (January 12, 2024)

Please note:  The 30%  Encore Credit will end December 31, 2024. 

All IRDs delivered until then will qualify for a 30% credit toward another IRD within 9 months.

  • Premium $350.  

    • Unlimited  attendance hybrid (up to 90 Zoom devices).

    • Six months unrestricted access to recording for all club members and guests.

    • Follow up Remote Live Q&A session.

    • 30% toward another demo within 9 months.​​

  • Medium $250.

    • Up to 50 attendees.

    • One month access to recording for original attendees

    • 30% toward another demo within 9 months.

  • Basic $175.

    • Up to 20 attendees.

    • One month  access to recording for original attendees

    • 30% toward another demo within 9 months.

  • In Person $300 plus expenses.

  • Special pricing available for acredited educational programs.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions.


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