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Free! - Mentorship Sessions - Past recorded episodes.

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Free! - Mentorship Sessions - Past recorded episodes.
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Hold What Ya Got! In this session we will deal with methods of holding wood safely on the lathe. We'll cover holding between centers, face plates, jamb chucks, collets, drive spurs, live centers, dead centers, steb centers, and 4 jaw scroll chucks along with variations in jaws, wood worms, and more.

Have Log. Want Bowl. What Now? This session focuses on harvesting bowl blanks from a log. It addresses safety, wood movement, avoiding the pith, hazzards, cracks, figure, and more.

Mentorship Sessions is a series dealing with essential knowledge and skills all woodturners need. These sessions are not project oriented but are less regimented with plenty of room to digress and go where participants would like. They are intended to be most valuable to those without many years of experience, but all turners may benefit. Experienced turners are encouraged to join and participate. We all learn from one another, and less experienced turners get more benefit from a diversity of viewpoints and experience.
• The Mentorship Sessions grew out of…
o What I wish I had known when I began turning.
o The advice I wish I had taken when I began turning.
o The mistakes I made when I began turning.
o The lessons I wish I had learned earlier.

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